Anamorphic Research

The word Anamorphosis is of Greek origin, derived from the word ‘ana’ meaning again and the word ‘morphe’ meaning shape. Anamorphosis is nothing but bringing a distorted image back to shape. The perfect image will be visible only when observed from a specific point, sometimes, with the aid of special devices as well. It is all about playing with perspectives. An anamorphic artist makes use of different perspectives to give the viewer a surprising experience when he looks at the picture from the right point.

Excellent paintings can be made using this technique. Anamorphosis was the first method used for creating three dimensional images which were always a passion to artists. Tracing the history of Anamorphosis may take you to the cave paintings which were created on irregular walls of the caves. They were visible without any irregularities when viewed from specific angles.

In the past, anamorphic pictures were used to mimic erotic and nude pictures which had restrictions to be drawn and displayed directly. They were also used to convey information which were of politically secretive nature. The present day use of anamorphic art is mainly on the road signs, advertisements and the three dimensional pictures done on the roadside walls to enhance the visual appeal. Some places have excellent three dimensional images drawn on roads which look a lot better than real objects.

Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in learning this art form so that they can create amazing pictures. Learning kits and tutorials are available. If you have the passion in you to learn something unique, then anamorphic pencil art is the best choice. You can make maximum use of your creativity to draw awe inspiring pictures which are sure to be admired by everyone. Practising anamorphic pencil art rightly helps in improving your concentration and patience. Learning such an excellent skill will be a real asset to your future.


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