Virdi as Artist

I am a seasoned artist at the ripe age of 73 years. I discovered my passion for art fifty-five years ago and have been fortunate enough to continue creating different pieces which have sparked interest in people from all walks of life.

Anamorphic Art
My works using the anamorphic art form has been praised by many critics all across the globe. Interestingly this art form had been dormant for several years until I discovered it completely by accident. It is quite an interesting story actually. As I was walking by a Mercedes-Benz on a hot sunny day, I noticed my reflection on its smooth polished exterior. As I continued walking past it, the reflection started getting distorted. This piqued my curiosity and led me to try a few experiments with a polished pen cap and a plain piece of paper. After several trial and errors, I was mesmerised by what I had created. I have never looked back since then and have created almost 50 pieces of anamorphs art till date.

Some of the different mediums I have worked on include:

· Oil painting
· Water colours
· Abstract art
· Contemporary art
· Fine art
· Sculptures
· Sketches
· Chalk work
· Clay work
· Scratch art

As an artist I like to experiment with different experiments and techniques to create new pieces of arts. Who knows, someday I might stumble upon yet another dormant art form.

Art Shows
I have been able to showcase my artwork at several art shows and galleries all over the country and entice interest from several people. I this way, I get to interact with the public and see their reactions to my artwork and take pleasure I imparting joy in this world.

Awards and Honours
My work has found mention in the prestigious Guinness World of Records during the year 2003, for the largest anamorphic cylindrical portrait of then US President Mr George W Bush. I was also lucky enough to find mention in the Limca Book of Records in 2004 for my anamorphic art pieces.

Art has become ingrained within my soul. I will continue with my art till the very last breath remains in my body. Come, take pleasure in these pieces of beauty.