About Us

Every era in time is known for the art it created. Classism, neoclassicism, modern-art, the categories are as wide as they are deep. Each is known for its signature style which helps art enthusiast and artists recognize it. When it comes to the present generation, one can safely say that it will be known in the future for two types of art:

  •   Immersive 3D Graffiti 
  •   Anamorphic

Both styles have been making a splash in recent years and don’t show any sign of abating. Rather the popularity of them is increasing, and it is thanks to intricacy and details required to make them. 

Artist A S Virdi, the platform, was created with a singular goal: to promote anamorphic art and immersive 3D graffiti. But the one goal turned out to be all-inclusive. To truly show the world the wonders of anamorphosis and 3D graffiti, more knowledge was needed. To that end, on this platform, a person can:

  •   Explore immersive three-dimensional graffiti
  •   Get to know anamorphic art, tips and tricks to and how technology helps create it

The site has a special section called Anamorphic Research Blog to help beginners (and experts) on their journey to becoming maestros in the art forms. This part of the site is solely dedicated to providing more information on the latest creations in the Anamorphic Field.  From learning the ancient origins of anamorphic art to getting to know the latest trends in the genre, from tutorials to secrets of drawing it,  we leave no stone unturned. 

At Artist A S Virdi, you’ll find every drop of information possible on 3D and anamorphic creations. We hope to bring back the art that was once used during the Renaissance and make the current era known as the time of Anamorphism.