Bringing Back Anamorphic Art From The Past


Art comes in many shapes and forms. Anamorphic is a form of art where the picture comes into perspective when viewed through a particular device or from a specific location. The earliest known example of an anamorphic painting is Leonardo’s Eye by Leonardo da Vinci in 1485. Anamorphic art has gained popularity in recent times due to the increased focus on art in general.

One of the greatest proponents has been Mr. Virdi. His paintings are truly inspirational, and is the primary subject of this blog. The fascination with this particular art form has been maintained thanks to the efforts put in by him. As you stare at the painting from any other vantage point, it will look like a puddle of colours, but as you move towards the strategic vantage point, all the pieces come together to wow you.His work is not just restricted to only cylindrical anamorphic art. He has been able to create unique pieces of art using different mediums like watercolour, oil painting, portraits, figurative paintings, abstract arts,clay work, fine art, chalk work and so on.

Anamorphosis art

The story behind how he made his foray into the world of anamorphic art is actually kind of interesting. It seems, one fine day he noticed his distorted reflection on the polished exterior of a Mercedes-Benz as he was passing by. This apparently made him curious and encouraged him to try recreating the same effect using paper and consistent sketching. He placed a smoothly polished pen cap on a piece of paper and started drawing using the reflection on the pen to make changes. After a few trial and errors he realised that he had stumbled upon an exciting art form. His first cylindrical anamorphic portrait was that of the renowned Indian industrialist and visionary, Mr.J.R.D Tata The painting was handed over as a gift to the great man himself, by the company in which he was employed at that point in time.

Interestingly, his creation of the largest Anamorphic Cylindrical portrait of former US President George W Bush had earned him a place in the Guinness Records, in 2003. His various creations have been showcased at different exhibitions all over the country.

Recently, a few fans were able to meet this great artist at an event organised by I Love Diamonds. This event was held in association with, and was a resounding success.

Let’s have a quick look at what our favorite anamorphic artist had to say to his fans at the event.

“Each work of art created by me is done with plenty of labour and love. I lavish all my attention on the art piece until I am completely satisfied with the outcome.” As a word of encouragement, this is what he had to say: “To the newcomers in the art field, I would like to point out how art comes from within and needs no professional training to achieve great success. I hope my work sparks an interest in young artists, thereby letting them carry this fascinating craft into the future.”


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