Incorporating Anamorphic Art In Yoga Props


Ever heard of Anamorphic art? If you have, then you would be aware of Artist A S Virdi, the world-renowned anamorphic artist. His creations are unique. It is semi-abstract work and is done using a large brush. Anamorphosis is an art form that can trick the audience as it is designed using a different perspective. As an ardent fan of A S Virdi, I have incorporated this art-form on mats to give life to the floor. Some of my popular designs are created on the yoga mats especially for yoga prop retailers like and Plyopic. I have also taken inspiration from sites like, an online resource for working artists. They provide suggestions on how to market my artwork and social media advice.

Yoga mat qualities
Using small yoga mat as a canvas could be a challenging task. The mats come in different texture, fabrics, styles and patterns. A traditional yoga mat is made of jute or cotton, but over a period of time, the use of silk, PVC and velvet has gained prominence. While buying a mat for canvas for scratch art, it is important to also take into consideration durability, weight and fold. The most important attribute of yoga mat is to have the right grip. The mat has to be at least 4-5 mm thick, and the mat has to be stiff and not roll up on the floor. The mat should last longer despite regular washing. The mat ought to be made of non-toxic material.


Scratch Art
The mats are available in interesting patterns and the latest among them being the use of anamorphic scratch art on the mats. It is a special technique used to create superior drawings. As the name goes scratch, art is all about making use of scratching for painting. This can be done using foil board or paper and coated with wax or gesso. The most common type is a black and white approach. Though, metallic ones are also prominently used. Using the right tools to create smaller strikes is the right approach to painting. Use of larger stroke makes the task difficult. You can erase a scratch, and hence smaller strokes are advised to fix mistakes. Using mat as a canvas has grown in popularity these days, with artists creating customised art for clients.

Yoga Mat Patterns
What makes these patterned yoga mats a big hit is a variation in colours and interesting patterns. Some of the Anamorphic prints that have attracted attention includes brightly coloured scenery, black and white representation of fantasy creatures and more. The art can trick your eyes as different perspectives are used to create the work. There are irregular twirls that appear on flat surfaces and gives meaning when viewed through a cylindrical mirror.

Yoga stores stock patterned yoga mats because there is good demand for these mats online. There are numerous websites dealing with yoga props offering interesting deals on yoga mats. The advantage buying online allows you to compare with deals and get the best price. Custom handwoven yoga mats offers excellent support while exercising and gives a feeling of relaxation, essential while doing meditation.

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