The Solo Trick To Creating Anamorphic Art

How To Start Making Anamorphic Illusions?

Anamorphosis began during the Renaissance period. It is the art of creating a piece that comes to full effect only when viewed from a certain vantage point. From all other viewpoints, the art is distorted. In recent years, anamorphic art has made a comeback. People are trying it again, and some have become wildly successful at it. When you take a look at these anamorphic arts, it seems as if they require a sophisticated process to create.

While it is true that the more intricate works of anamorphosis necessitate skill and expertise, for the simple ones there is just one trick. All you need is a projector to create anamorphism in art. 

  •   Let the projector project the design/art on the area where you want it located. 
  •   The lens of the projector becomes the point where the eye of the beholder will be. So, when the installation is done, if a person stands where the projector was, they’ll see it from the right vantage point.

 Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Creating Anamorphic Art

  •   The first mock up you make on the computer is not likely to sit perfectly on the surface in the first projection. Once you switch on the projector, things tend to work differently. Therefore, be ready to make some tweaks.
  •   Do not keep the projector too high or too low. Else only very tall people will be able to see the art from the right angle, or they will have to squat to view it. Ensure that the projector is at the average eye level.
  •   Make certain that the projector remains stable during the tracing phase. Even a slight movement can completely put the art off-centre and distort the illusion.

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