Anamorphosis- Distortions Creating Beauty

Anamorphosis- Ensuring That Beauty Lies in The Eyes of The Beholder 

Whenever someone talks about beauty and visual appeal, distorted images are the last thing on the planet that will come to your mind. But the use of anamorphosis or anamorphism defies all logic and the traditional sense of artistic beauty. If you want to see anamorphic art at its best, then you will need to look at it from a specific place. At the same time, you might require a spherical lens to clearly understand the image or structure that has been created before you.

They will elude you

If you are not standing at the place from where the artist wants you to see the anamorphic structure, you will not be able to make sense of the whole thing. The beauty of the piece of art will not come your way in such a situation.

Anamorphic Images are Not Simple Stretches 

Some people will tell you that anamorphic art is a simple form of stretching an image horizontally. But the reality is starkly different, and anamorphic art requires substantial expertise on the part of the artist. Anamorphism is not deception. It is not even an illusion as per the strict definition of the term. Anamorphic art is based on showing itself only when you have the same perspective or vision as planned by the creator of the sculpture or image. 

Metamorphosis is not anamorphic art

Some of you might think that the creation of anamorphic art is about transforming a specific object or scenery into something different. However, anamorphic tools do not present a transformed or modified image of reality. They are designed in such a way that you appreciate them in their natural form but only from a specific place or with the use of special tools and devices to give you the desired perspective.

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