Tips To Setting Up A Successful Art Exhibition

The Different Steps Involved In Organizing An Art Exhibition

A lot of detail goes into organizing an art exhibition successfully. If it is being held for a new artist, it is all the more critical that it is a success. Take a look at the different steps involved in setting up an art exhibition from scratch:

  • Curate Art Work

If you are planning on having an art exhibition with exhibits from several artists at the same time, it is important to curate the work first. This will give you an idea of how large a venue you will require. Curating artwork takes time and patience as well as a critical eye. You need to be able to spot exhibits that will capture the public’s interest and even generate a sale. Artists are proud of their every creation. However, it is up to the curator to narrow down their work to the very best few. Even if you plan on displaying the work of a single artist, you have to pick out the best pieces of the lot. As art critics will also be attending these art exhibitions, being careful while you pick out exhibits can help the artists as well.

  •  Choose A Venue

Once you have decided to hold an art exhibition, you have to choose a venue that is easily accessible by people and spacious enough to hold the art exhibits. Most organizers prefer to choose venues that offer plenty of natural light so that each exhibit is displayed in its true potential.  Try to make sure that the venue you have finalized on does not have any sound blaring nearby that will take away the serenity from the art exhibition.

  • Market The Exhibition

The next step involves informing the public about the upcoming art exhibition, the venue, timings and dates. This can be done using print media, social media platforms and plain old posters. Once you get the word out, people will anticipate the opening of your exhibition and help create a huge turnout on the opening day itself.  So get the word out and get ready for plenty of visitors. A press release is another form of creating excitement over the opening of your art exhibition.

  • Arrange The Exhibits At The Venue

Arranging art exhibits at a venue might seem like an easy job. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of time and calculation. Since each exhibit is different from each other, they have to have enough space in between them so that it doesn’t feel too overcrowded. Also make sure you have the right description sup against each exhibit offering details about the name of the exhibit, the artist and the medium used.  You can have additional lighting installed to ensure that the focus remains on the exhibits throughout the exhibition.

Once everything is set up, get ready for the opening night. You can have your artists dressed in their best clothes ready to meet the crowd. This gives them a chance to engage with the crowd and offer explanations about their different exhibits. Although some artists find this to be a nerve racking experience, it gives them a better contact with the audience and see for themselves the expression that their exhibits provoke.

Hold An Art Exhibition Anywhere With Container Modifications

Venue charges are rising exorbitantly, and many art exhibition organizers are finding it difficult to pay these high rents. An easy way out of this difficult situation is using modified shipping containers as they are large, spacious and durable. More and more organizers are shifting to using modified containers for holding different events like art exhibitions, performances, etc.

The best part is that you can set them up anywhere after getting permission from the local authorities. Container Enclosures from Supertech Industries are touted to be the best, as they can be easily modified to the size you require. Adding additional lighting is also not a problem at all.


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