3D Sidewalk Art Captures Attention

Although street art has become more noticeable in the past few years, it has actually been around as early as the 16th century. It initially began when the dirt tracks in the cities where replaced by cobblestone or paved street. According to historians, street art was first noticed in England, where civilization and industrialization boomed first. It spread to the nearby areas like Italy, France, etc. and has flourished since then. Interestingly, street art has undergone plenty of changes to reach the point where it is at today.

Pavement or street art is no longer simply beautiful pieces. It has taken art outside the gallery into the lives of the common public and introduced them to the beauty of mundane things. The street art made by the artists have no cover charge and are often created to share their love for art with the passers-by. It cannot be bought by art lovers or hung in a millionaire’s den. It is to be enjoyed by the people as they pass it on their way to work till the rain washes it away. Street art is often created using chalk so that it can be easily washed away with water and does not disfigure the pavements permanently. Some of the top street artists who love to share their talent with the
World are:

  • Tracy Lee Stum
    Tracy is one of the few female artists who has taken to the pavement to share her talent with the general public. Her name was recently entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the largest street painting by a single individual. Her works are often passionate, relevant and inspiring.
  • Eduardo Rolero
    This artist has continually impressed the art world with his wide range of works. His pieces range from being hysterical to satirical to macabre. Hailing from Argentina Eduardo currently lives in Spain staying out of the public eye. He prefers his art to do the talking for him, and boys, does his art have a lot to say indeed!
  • Kurt Wenner
    Kurt has been doing street art for several years now. He borrows from different genres and art styles create unique pieces that stand out and capture the passer-by’s attention in a single instant. He is heavily influenced by the Renaissance style often honours them in his work one way or another.
  • Edgar Müller
    Although Germany is not widely known for its contribution to the art world, this German artist has made sure the country is not forgotten. His artworks are filled humour and are often seen as engaging pieces that invite the viewers to pose in different ways to create interesting pictures. He is often approached by different businesses for collaborations with their marketing teams. According to https://mymodernmet.com/geode-cake-art-jewelry-design/, an Online Diamond Jewellery Store recently approached him for creating magnificent street art pieces to market their latest line of products. At the end of the day, street art does a great job in attracting attention and introducing the general public to different art forms.

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