Anamorphic Tips and Tricks

Anamorphic Lenses are used in filmmaking industry since the 1950’s.The lenses are amazing at achieving the vintage still. Anamorphic lenses have been quite popular and have been in use even around the pre-worldwar. It was adopted in cinema around the above-mentionedtime. The cost effective, yet aesthetically pleasing picture brought the need of using these lenses for film making. It was the use of anamorphic technology by the Warner Bros that won the competition wars in filmmaking around the late 1900’s. Are the information’s making you want to use this technology for your project?

There are two alternative ways to use them.1) you could just get a UV filter for your camera lens. Cut out an oval shape in a dark cardboard and tape a fishing string over the cut out. This alternative is when your budget is tight.2)Buy the CinemorphFiltera commercial version of the previous method suggested.Once you have tried these two alternatives. The next best to try your real anamorphic shots are with the use of adaptors.

The best adaptor for this is SLR Magic Anamorphot 2.0*-50 anamorphic lens adaptor. The journey would begin for you with this adaptor.It produces good results,and is easier to focus.Every videographer would recommend a 50 mm.These lens would cost around $500 or $1500 if the full kit is purchased. Get the imperial threads of the lens adaptor to sync well onto the metric standards,you may a find a lot of tips online.But with modified projectors, the best is to try it yourself to get an excellent outcome. Do not change lenses. Shoot exclusively on any one.Changing of lenses will probably only take your time. Just switching between the adapter, speed booster and wide-angle adapter based on your type of shoot should work the magic right.

With the above,your rig would be just perfect to create amazing images.SLR Magic is the only one who’s making the budget anamorphic lenses and adaptors. Everything about SLR is easy and efficient.

Every Anamorphot line in SLR would have a blue lens coating, the glass has a distinct character which is amazing for an anamorphic lens.Make sure your lens and adaptor are at infinity to take a sharp image. Lighting should be worked as well. Highlights should be avoided, except for the use of international lens flares.High Contrast on face can “Bloom” which would cause the image to have an out of focus look.Anamorphic usually is fantastic in night and low-key scenes. To get the best anamorphic in the day time, will be to shoot at low contrast.

An ideal taking lens should have definite features such as non-rotating filter threads. The length will remain the same while focussing. The front filter thread should be 62mm or smaller if you are planning to use full frame cameras.

You could try various other lenses and other options. But to get an anamorphic look there could be nothing better than SLR Magic Anamorphot. Now that you have a certain idea. It is high time you begin your anamorphic shooting.

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