Anamorphic Scratch Art

Anamorphic art and scratch art are two exciting areas in the field of painting. A combination of the two makes a really unique and extraordinary art form. There are not many artists who practise this unique fusion. Simply put, the combination is nothing but scratching a distorted image in a scratch board. The viewer will get to see the undistorted image only when the scratch board is observed rightly through a cylindrical mirror.

To get an idea of what an anamorphic image is, think of the road signs which you see frequently on the road. Those signs are painted using the simplest form of Anamorphosis which is mainly stretching. They will give their actual look only when viewed from the driving seat of vehicles passing by that way. A passer-by who views it directly from above will be able to see only a stretched version.

Successful creation of both anamorphic and scratch paintings requires precision and patience. Every detail has to be taken care of properly as you do not have the option of easy erasing and redrawing like the normal ones. Scratches once made in the board are done permanently and unless it is a small stroke which can be modified, you will have no other option than to start the picture all over again.

The individual art forms being considerably complicated, the fusion is a really time consuming task which requires immense patience and hard work. You cannot master it all of a sudden within a few days. Intense practise with concentration is the only way to learn the fusion technique. The best approach to master this art form is to begin with simple paintings and try to do them with perfection. You may not find it easy in the beginning as you will have to start all over many times. But don’t give up! Once mastered, it is really great and commendable


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