Scratch Art

Scratch art is a special technique used to create excellent drawings. As the name implies, scratch art literally makes use of scratching for painting. Scratching is done on paper or foil board which is coated with gesso or wax. Most common types of scratching are the black and white approach and the metallic ones. For black and white techniques, scratch boards covered with black paint is used. Similarly, metallic coating is used for the latter.

What are the tools required?
Stylus, scratch brush, scratch knife, etc. are the tools used for scratch drawings. They are used to scratch the black paint on the top of the board, thereby showing the white board under it. Scratching can be done in required patterns so that it ultimately turns into a beautiful picture. Paintings made on metallic board will look similar to etched pictures due to their metallic background

Beauty lies in precision
Using the tools and doing smaller strokes are the best approach to creating a good painting. Larger strokes make control difficult. You may have to start all over again if a series of larger strokes go wrong. Unlike the paintings on paper, you cannot erase a scratch which is done. If you go for smaller strokes, you will be able to fix small mistakes without having to start the painting again. Also, don’t use very hard strokes as it may tear the paper or foil.

Step by step method for beginners
Attach and trace the picture on the board
Remove the picture off the board.
Start scratching the traced picture along the borders using a scratch knife
Scratch the white areas first and leave the black and grey areas as black.
Work on the details of the black region to make it grey or lighter as required.

Take your time so that you can gradually become a good scratch artist.


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